The Legend of Mulan

In my recent act, The Legend of Mulan, my aim was to use dramatic movement and expression to tell the ancient story of a woman who rejected gender roles to save her family and empower girls, women, and all genders worldwide. _ In this enthralling adventure, I expressed the compassionate nature of the feminine, the aggressive strength of the masculine, and performed an emotional, yet powerful transition between the two. _ From gifting flowers to the audience, to dancing with swords, this multi-medium performance intended to captivate and entertain the audience while also challenging their susceptibility to conform to society’s status quo. _ It was and still is my hope, that through this performance and recap, people will feel empowered to defy all conscious and subconscious limitations that keep them from being 100% themselves. _ If there’s anything I’ve learned so far in this life, it’s that freedom is found in authenticity, and freedom is what I’ll fight for till my very last breath.

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